DMSO vs. raising annealing temp. in PCR

Timo Hiltunen bltihi at
Thu Dec 19 12:31:33 EST 1996


I am trying to amplify a fragment of about 100 bp but 
am getting a smear of products with only little of the desired one.
I am not using too many cycles and have raised the annealing
temperature to its highest limit.

DMSO seems to be rather widely used to increase the specificity of PCR, 
but I have always thought it may be replaced with tricks in annealing/ 
denaturation temperature and reagent concentrations.

Am I wrong? 
May DMSO be better in increasing the specificity of PCR (and the yield of 
the right product) than the other tricks?
Is anyone with experiences or knowledge willing to share them?

Timo Hiltunen

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