sense and antisense strands

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It is a convention to label the DNA strand that has the same sequence as
the RNA (T replacing U, of course) as the sense strand, because it is the
RNA that has the codons that are translated and this makes things easy to
follow when we consider the DNA.

Consideration that transcription works on Watson Crick complementary base
pairing and that the direction of transcription of the new strand is 5' to
3' as the new strand is concerned makes it unambiguous that RNA is
transcribed from the antisense strand.

>> I have some questions about sence strand and antisence strand when DNA is
>> transcribed.
>> Some say that the strand which is transcribed named sence strand,but others
>> say it antisence strand.
>> Which is right?
>There was a long discussion about this some time ago, in fact, there was
>a call for votes trying to get a consensus about this. I dont know which
>was the result though. Why dont you take a look to the archives of this list?

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