Fourth Annual HUMAN GENOME PROJECT: Commercial Implications Meeting

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Thu Dec 19 14:34:23 EST 1996

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Fourth Annual HUMAN GENOME PROJECT:  Commercial Implications Meeting
February 24-26, 1997
San Francisco, California

Scientific Advisors
Dr. Carol Dahl, National Cancer Institute
Dr. Glen Evans, University of Texas
Dr. Christopher Fields, National Center for Genome Resources
Dr. Robert Strausberg, National Cancer Institute

Overview:  Where is Genomics Heading?
Keynote Address: 
     Dr. Ronald Davis, Stanford University School of Medicine
     Dr. Elbert Branscomb, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
The Cancer Genome Anatomy Project:  
     Dr. Robert L. Strausberg and Carol A. Dahl, National Cancer Inst.

     Computer-Aided Reconstruction of Extant and Ancient Metabolisms
Based on Genome-Scale Protein Sequence Analysis:  
     Dr. Archady Mushegian, National Center for Biotechnology Inform.
The Investor's Roadmap to Profiting from the Genomics Revolution: 
     Dr. Wolé M. Fayemi, Genesis Merchant Group
Strategies for Sequencing the Human Genome
Genomics Mapping and Clone End Sequencing- A Strategy for Efficient
Completion of the Human Genome Sequence:  
     Dr. Glen Evans, University of Texas
Human Whole Genome Shotgun Sequencing:  
     Dr. James Weber, Marshfield Medical Foundation 	
Genome Analysis by Large Scale DNA Sequencing:  
     Dr. Stephanie Chissoe, Washington University School of Medicine
Dynamics of Gene Expression and Massively Parallel Signature
     Dr. David Martin Jr., Lynx Therapeutics 
High Throughput Technology for Biomolecular Analysis
DNA Sequencing and Sizing by Mass Spectrometry: 
     Dr. Christopher Becker, GeneTrace Systems Inc.
High Throughput DNA Sequencing and Mapping Using Capillary Array
     Dr. David Barker, Molecular Dynamics
Multiple Capillary Array Sequencers: 
     Dr. Norman Dovichi, University of Alberta
Single Molecular Approaches to Genomic Analysis:  
     Dr. David Schwartz, New York University School of Medicine
New Tools for Genetic Analysis: 
     Dr. William Efcavitch, Perkin-Elmer Corporation
Capillary Automated Submicroliter Sample Preparation: 
     Dr. Deirdre R. Meldrum, University of Washington
Emerging Genomic Strategies Genes, Chips, and the Human Genome:  
     Dr. Stephen Fodor, Affymetrix
DNA Sequence Manufacturing and Mining:  
The Industrial Age of Genomics: 
     Dr. Randy Scott, Incyte Pharmaceuticals
Human Genome Project:  Next Generation Opportunities:  
     Dr. Geoffrey Duyk, Millenium Pharmaceuticals (tentative)
Towards Whole Genome Expression Analysis:  
     Dr. Mark Schena, Stanford University Medical Center
Gene to Screen:  Accelerated Functional Analysis and Lead Discovery:

     Dr. Frank Craig, Aurora Biosciences
Novel Platform for Clinical Mapping of Human Genome: 
     Dr. Stephen Peroutka, Spectra Biomedical
Identifying Genetic Networks Functional Genomics and CD-Taggingä:  
     Dr. Jonathan Jarvik, Vyrex 
A Systematic Approach to the Identification of Surrogate Ligands for
Seven Transmembrane, 	Orphan Receptors Using a Self-Selecting,
Combinatorial Peptide Libraryãin Yeast: 
     Dr. David R.	Webb, Cadus Pharmaceutical Corporation 
Functional Genomics: Harnessing the Power of Genetics to Discover 
Gene Function:  
     Dr. Corey Goodman, Exelixis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 
Mining Genomes with Tandem Mass Spectrometry:  
     Dr. John Yates, University of Washington 	
The Genome Operating System and the Informatics of Protein Expression:

     Dr. Leigh Anderson, Large Scale Biology Corporation 
A Comprehensive Analysis of Yeast Cell Cycle Pathway:  
     Dr. Gregory T. Went, CuraGen Corporation
Genomic Drug Development Genomics:  New Paradigms for Small Molecule 
Drug Discovery:  
     Dr. Martin Rosenberg, SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals
Functional Genomics and Pharmacology:  
     Prof. Marc Vasseur, Genset
Discovery and Characterization of Novel Therapeutic Protein Candidates
from Large cDNA Databases:  
     Dr. Craig Rosen, Human Genome Sciences
Use of Genomics in the Drug Discovery Process:  
     Dr. Michael Fogliano, Pfizer Central Research 

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