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Fri Dec 20 06:25:14 EST 1996

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> I'm looking for a good luminometer for detection of luc, bgal and
> possible SEAP in transient transfection assays. Are there any out there
> that I should demo (or avoid) before spending big bucks ?. 
> Thanks,
> Phil Potter
> potter at

Hi Phil

We have bought a luminometer from Labsystems called Luminoscan RS. We are
currenlty using it with both chemiluminescence b-gal and luc detection in
transient transfection studies. This luminometer have been very good in
our hands. We have also tried the SEAP reporter gene system from Clontech,
but this did NOT finction, not due to the luminometer but more that this
SEAP reporter gene system is just crap.

Ole Morten Seternes

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