bovine and liver cDNA library

Yves Boisclair yrb1 at
Fri Dec 20 04:58:14 EST 1996

Hi Netters, 

I was planning to buy the bovine liver 5' stretch library (from adult 
liver) made by Clonetech.  Clonetech no longer have it in stock, and 
they suggested that I post a message to see if a previous buyer would 
want to give me (or sell me) an aliquot of this library.  If you have 
this library or know someone who has this library (or an equivalent 
library), let me know.
By the way, I am also looking for a sheep liver cDNA library (from adult 
liver).  Again if you have such a library or know somewone who does, 
please let me know.

Thanks a lot

Yves Boisclair
259 Morrison Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca NY 14850

Phone 607-254-4704

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