Qualtification of EtBr-stained DNA bands.

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Fri Dec 20 13:46:54 EST 1996

Zongtang Yu wrote:

Hi. netters.
        I am thinking of quantifying PCRed products which will be
separated by eletrophoresis and stained with EtBr.  What will be
the best choice of methods?  Any sugguestion will be appreciated.

Zhongtang Yu.

I would highly recommend the following article:

C. Schneeberger, P. Speiser, F. Kury, and R. Zellinger
"Quantitative Detection of Reverse Transcriptase-PCR Products by Means
of a Novel and Sensitive DNA Stain"...in:
PCR Methods and Applications 
Number 4, 1995 by Cold Spring Harbor Press
pages 234-238

This article describes the use of SYBR Green I (#) vs. ethidium bromide.
It is an excellent article, well worth reading. Try and locate the
journal or request a reprint from the authors, you will be impressed
with the results observable in the orignal article. A couple of the
photos do not "copy" well.

Authors to contact:
Christian Schneeberger, Paul Speiser, and Robert Zeillinger at:
Dept of Obstretrics and Gynecology
Molecular Oncology Division
University of Vienna
Vienna, Austria

Fritz Kury at:
ViennaLab Labordiagnostika GmbH.
Vienna, Austria

# SYBR Green I may be purchased from Molecular Probes, Inc. 
(no affiliation)

Molecular Probes, Inc.
4849 Pitchford Avenue
Eugene, OR  97402-9165
Phone: (541) 465-8300 or for tech service, (541) 465-8353
FAX:   (541) 344-6504
Email: tech at probes.com  (for technical service)

Molecular Probes Europe BV
PoortGebouw, Ringsburgerweg 10
2333 AA Leiden, The Netherlands
Phone: +31-71-5233378 or for tech service, +31-71-5233431
FAX:   +31-71-5233419
email: eurotech at probes.nl  (for technical service)

Hope this proves helpful,


Hank Daum, III
Marketing Manager & Technical Service Director
National Diagnostics, Inc.
305 Patton Drive
Atlanta, GA  30336

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