How to discriminate male and female?

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>Is there any (simple) way to determine if cells are XX or XY in tissue 
>slices? I know that FISH technic would probably be possible, but first 
>it is not simple, and second in this case, I would need a rat specific 
>probe for Y chromosom. Does anyone know if such a probe exist and where 
>I could find it.
>Thank you in advance for answers

I asked a similar question some time ago so my summary may still be
in the archives.  I actually wanted to sex mouse DNA and preferred
methodology based on PCR.

The best tip I received from this newsgroup was to subscribe to
the MGI mouse genetics mailing list.  All other suggestions were
posted (quickly) to this list.
	For general information the favourite targets for PCR were;
sry		Y specific
Zfx/Zfy		Can be discriminated
smc-x/smc-y	Can be discriminated

The sry only gives a band in male animals.  The others give bands that
can be discriminated by size and/or by the presence of restriction
sites so a probe to sry (possibly made by PCR) may be suitable.  Elizabeth
Simpson at Jax Labs also targets regions which are amplified in
Y-chromosomes and thus apparently give very strong bands but I don't
know if this is a mouse-specific phenomenon.  If you can get away with
it you may be able to scrape off enough material for PCR amplification.
	I hope that this is helpful.  If you need any more information
then drop me an e-mail.

Bernard Murray, Ph.D.
bernard at  (National Cancer Institute, NIH, Bethesda MD, USA)

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