Plasmid contamination from pipettors

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Fri Dec 20 19:14:40 EST 1996

rkoedood at (Marieke R. Koedood Zhao) wrote:
>Michael W. Thompson (mthom0 at wrote:
>: Does anyone out there know of a good procedure to decontaminate
>: pipettor barrels for use in RT-PCR experiments and likewise?  A big
>: problem in our lab is that since we have been working so extensively
>: with specific cDNAs, when we try to run an experiment such as RT-PCR
>: which is sensitive to contamination, there are multiple bands in all
>: samples.
>: 	Anyone?

>: Michael Thompson
>: Dept. of Biochemistry
>: University of Kentucky
>: Lexington, KY 40536-0084

 As a general practice we use aeorsol tips in all our pcr reactions in
order to reduce any cross contamination from pippettor to pippettor.
We also use a dedicated set of pippettors, which are stored with the
tips , water , and thermal cycler , in a  biological hood under
periodic UV.

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Molecular Biology Laboratory
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