Microwave sterilization

Susan Jane Hogarth sjhogart at unity.ncsu.edu
Thu Dec 19 14:14:09 EST 1996

Paul N Hengen wrote:

> The correct sterilzation test I think is using a spore-forming bacteria like a
> Gram+ Bacillus or something. In Pasteur's day (Paul says bowing his head) they
> used a hay infusion that contained many such beasts. BTW, those swan-neck
> flasks with beef/soy broth in them are STILL sterile after over 100 years!
> You can see an original in the Pasteur Institute museum in Paris....way cool!
> The pressure of an autoclave (15 psi, 20 min) is needed to burst the spores.

That is cool, but how did Pasteur "burst the spores" of his infusoria?
Did he use pressure/heat, or did he use boiling on two succesive days
(kill, then germinate surviving spores, then kill  'em), or was he just
Check this! http://homepage.cistron.nl/~peterh/gsresources/

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