How long will labelled oligos last?

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> Mike MacDonell wrote:
> [Snip]... Frequently we have found that an oligo that performs
> beautifully as a PCR primer, will perform only acceptably after 8-9
months, and
> may not prime at all after 18 months. [snip]...Best Regards!
> Does this stand for labeled oligos only or for all of them?
> (I've had some oligos stored for almost two years and the idea of having to
> throw them away unused -for PCR at least- doesn't cheer me up one bit).
> thanks,
> Facundo Garcia Bournissen,
> postmast at

Hi Facundo,
I've got some biotin-labeled PCR primers and sequencing primers that are
stored at 4 deg in 0.5X TE and are at least 2yr old. They work as well as
when they were new. Got some unlabeled ones that work fine after 5yr.

By all means try 'em before you toss 'em!

Good luck,

"no headache!"

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