EGTA buffer

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Tue Dec 24 11:58:34 EST 1996

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   bi575 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Francesco Lipari) wrote:
->Help! I need a program to calculate the pCa in a EGTA-Ca
->solution. I need to do calcium binding dstudies.

If you are going to rely solely on programs and if you pH >/~ 7.3, 
you can be sure your upcoming Ca2+ binding studies will be
wrong quantitatively. The reasoning "everyone does this, and
everyone publishes" is not an exuse. Do yourself a favor, prepare,
series of Ca/EGTA stocks at various ratios and MEASURE resulting
free Ca concentration under the working conditions. (Kd of fluorescent
dye for Ca has to be determined first for those conditions.)

If you really badly want programs, I can send you any of these:
Chelator, BAD, MaxChelator.

- Dima

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