Protease Inhibitor Cocktails

Richard C. Padgett richard-padgett at
Tue Dec 17 11:33:26 EST 1996

I would be interested in how people are storing their protease inhibitors
for use in Western and IP blots.  In particular, do people mix up and
freeze aliquots of a cocktail or do you make it up fresh each time.
The back of the Pharmingen 96/97 give the following cocktail recipe.

100X Protease Inhibitor Cocktail

Benzamidine HCL	1.6 mg/ml
Phenanthroline		1.0 mg/ml
Aprotinin		1.0 mg/ml
Leupeptin		1.0 mg/ml
Pepstatin A		1.0 mg/ml
PMSF			100 mM
Dissolve in 100% Ethanol

It would seem to me that this would be perfect to aliquot and freeze for
future use.

Richard Padgett
Division of Cardiovascular Disease
Univ. of Iowa School of Medicine

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