RNase H

Jillian Johnston johnstoj at acs2.acs.ucalgary.ca
Mon Dec 23 13:11:50 EST 1996

Doesn't RNaseH digest RNA-DNA hybrids?  If so, this would cause
your protected RNA fragmant to disappear and so much for your
Lourdes Rodgers (lrsdr at umich.edu) wrote:
: Can anyone tell me what is the advantage of using RNase H in an RNase 
: Protection Assay?  I have been using RNase A and T1 but I still have 
: background bands that are not being digested away.  The are also present 
: in the yeast RNA control lane.  Can someone offer some help?  Thanks, 
: Lourdes Rodgers
: The University of MIchigan
: Ann Arbor, MI

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