salmon sperm DNA

Saroj Priyantha Mathupala mathu at
Thu Dec 26 11:42:47 EST 1996

Hi Darren: you can buy sheared (sonicated) salmon sperm DNA from Sigma.
Thaw the DNA, then boil it for 3 to 5 minutes, quick cool on wet ice.
Add whatever the quantity you need into your prehybridization mix. You
do not need to phonol-chloroform extract the stuff. Works o.k. in both
Southerns and Northerns. 
As for adding this as a carrier during (mammalian?) cell tranasfections,
again you can avoid the stuff. Supercoiled or linearized plasmid DNA
works just fine without the carrier stuff. You have to normalize your
transfection efficiencies using a second reporter construct anyway.
Hope this helps.

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