HELP:BBWV cDNA library

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Wed Dec 18 08:14:13 EST 1996

Marry christmas Netters

    I am constructing a cDNA library from 100ng of  viral genomic  
RNAs (Broad bean wilt virus ; BBWV) with two types of cDNA synthesis 
kit (produced by Phamacia, Stratagene). I use random hexamer and Oligo 
(dt) as primers, because genomic structures of BBWV are not reported 
yet, specific primers are not available.

   But even first-stranded cDNA was not synthesized from viral RNA

    I am looking for ways and means to synthesize the first cDNA from 
viral RNA templates. I think that secondary structures of viral RNAs 
inhibit the extension of the primers. 

   Any suggestions in this regard will be appreciated. 
Thanks much.

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