Removal of E.coli non-specific binding

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Mon Dec 30 16:46:45 EST 1996

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david.pulford at says...
>I'm looking for a quick and easy way of removing E.coli antibodies from a
>rabbit serum. I've found pseudoscreening an incomplete, time consuming and
>expensive way of removing this background activity for screening an E.coli
>expression library. I chanced upon a method a while back that used
>formalised cells but have no reference for this approach. Can anyone help?

I don't know if this helps, but...
In a similar situation we found that the *second* antibody was the
major source of the "non-specific" reactivity in Western immunoblotting
of bacterial or yeast extracts.  By sampling a variety of second
antibodies (and dropping the amount used) we greatly reduced the
non-specific binding (we were using peroxidase labelled antibody).
We saw an even cleaner result when we switched from the second
antibody to HRP-labelled gammabind G so the extra binding may have
been through the Fab part of the immunoglobulin.
	Maybe try bacterial extract in the blocking buffer?

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