how to remove SDS from RNA sample?

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Mon Dec 30 12:10:41 EST 1996

>Seng-Lai Tan <sltan at> wrote:
>>Dear fellow researchers,
>>i'm trying to reverse transcribe my RNA but it's resuspended in water that
>>contains some SDS, which is inhibiting the RT reaction.  Does anyone know
>>of a easy method (e.g. precipitation) that I can use to remove the SDS in
>>my sample?  many thanks in advance.
>I try not to intrude on scientific discussions in methds-reagnts with
>commercial interests.  However, there are times when it is appropriate
>to let the scientific community know that there are products which may
>not be commonly known that can solve their problems.  This is such a
>case.  We have a  product available which is able to remove SDS from
>alkaline lysis samples as well as other more purified samples.  Let me
>know if you desire more information.

Thanks John, for sparing us. I have another idea using commercially available
products --- organic extraction, such as phenol.

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