how to remove SDS from RNA sample?

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Mon Dec 30 10:40:02 EST 1996

Seng-Lai Tan <sltan at> wrote:

>Dear fellow researchers,

>i'm trying to reverse transcribe my RNA but it's resuspended in water that
>contains some SDS, which is inhibiting the RT reaction.  Does anyone know
>of a easy method (e.g. precipitation) that I can use to remove the SDS in
>my sample?  many thanks in advance.


I try not to intrude on scientific discussions in methds-reagnts with
commercial interests.  However, there are times when it is appropriate
to let the scientific community know that there are products which may
not be commonly known that can solve their problems.  This is such a
case.  We have a  product available which is able to remove SDS from
alkaline lysis samples as well as other more purified samples.  Let me
know if you desire more information.



John K. Troyer, PhD
The Nest Group, Inc.
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