N blot

Tama C. Fox Tama.C.Fox at DARTMOUTH.EDU
Mon Dec 30 16:22:06 EST 1996

I used the TRIzol reagent to isolate total RNA from Arabidopsis.  My RNA has
very sharp bands on TAE gels; no detectable degradation of the RNA.  However, I
don't see anything on formaldehyde gels, even if I remake everything from
buffers to stop dye to make sure it is RNAse free.  Has anyone else had this
problem using the TRIzol reagent?  I'd hate to give up such an easy protocol
that leads to such great looking RNA.  I've never had a problem with Northerns
before, even with a small amount of EtBr in the sample buffer.  Any
suggestions?  Tama

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