shareware enzyme kinetics ?

Otso Lindy OLINDY at
Tue Dec 31 10:18:34 EST 1996

Dear Methods,

Thank you for your prompt answer last time. You really helped me 
solve my problem. However, life goes on and new things, sometimes too 
difficult to solve alone, come into your life. 
And look at me, I'm here:
        I am looking for a shareware/freeware enzyme kinetics program
        that works in a PC or Win3.1 or Win 95.
The only thing I got my hands on was EZ-FIT (by Frank W. Perrella), 
which was a... (alright, it was a nice little program).
Has someone brilliant come up with something newer or is enzymology 
asymptotically approaching paleontology ? Could you pass me a 
message on the subject ?

helplessly yours,
Otso.Lindy at Helsinki.FI

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