Protein Crystallization Supplier

R. Bryan Sutton sutton at
Thu Feb 1 01:02:05 EST 1996

The best place for protein crystallization supplies is:
Hampton Research
5225 Canyon Crest Drive; Suite 71-336
Riverside, CA 92507 USA

Telephone # (909)784-8322
FAX # (909)784-2215
email: xtalrox at

Another advertisement lists the following telephone #

fax: (714)586-1453
(I don't know why the numbers are so different)

The telephone numbers for the United Kingdom (may be a bit closer for 
you) is:
Stratech Scientific (related to Hampton, I presume)
voice: (0582) 4818844
fax: (0582) 481895

A bit of protein crystallization advise:

If your protein of interest doesn't do anything in CrystalScreen I or 
CrystalScreen II, forget it.  It will NEVER NEVER NEVER crystallize.
Hope this helps

Bryan Sutton
The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
email: sutton at

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