housekeeping gene rtpcr

Volker Blaschke vblasch at
Thu Feb 1 02:41:43 EST 1996

Hmm, it seems strange to me that there should be genes around which are 
equally expressed under all circumstances in the cell. In my imagination, 
all genes should be influenced by different stimuli somehow. We found 
that e.g. GAPDH varies in Psoriasis (an inflammatory skin condition), 
and, as far as I know, there is a limitation for Actin, I think it was 
upregulated in Astrocytoma or so. Why shouldn't there be other conditions 
influencing its expression that we have not yet thoroughly investigated? 
But then, everybody relies on it. For RTPCR, we do no longer rely on 
Actin or GAPDH, but use an internal standard, this makes more sense to me 
after all.


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