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Thu Feb 1 10:39:30 EST 1996

Dear D.K.:  N. meningitidis is pretty darn picky.  You may want to get a 
hold of a book that describes this bug.  It requires 5% CO2 for growth so 
you will have to use a 5%CO2 incubator or a candle jar.  I don't know how 
weel it grows in a canle jar however (a big mayonaisse jar with petri 
plates with a short candle on top;  light the candle, close the lid 
tightly -air tight;  the candle burns out- oxygen has been reduced).  
ATCC says N. meningitidis grows on chocolate agar, a rich medium (GC 
agar base) with dried hemoglobin and IsovitaleX (BBL 11876).  You can 
also use GC base with blood cells;  heat the cells to ~80C until the 
medium turns to a chocolate color and temper immediately to 45-50C and 
pour plates (or just buy some pre-poured).  This species may only survive 
about 2 days before you will have to restreak.  I don't know about your 
other questions.  Maybe you better talk to someone who works with this 
organism.  Marianne Leverone, USF, Tampa 

On Wed, 31 Jan 1996, David Karaolis wrote:

> Although my main work is on enterics, I am about to start some work ("in
> my spare time") on Neisseria meningitidis.
> Could someone please answer the following:
> 1) What is the best storage medium?
> 2) Do they grow well in LB broth/LB agar?
> 3) How long do they stay viable on agar at RT and at 4oC ?
> 4) Do they grow in Eagles Minimal Essential Medium (EMEM)? 
> 5) Do they easily transform/electroporate with E. coli plasmids?
> Thanks for any help.
> David K.R. Karaolis,  Ph.D.
> Center for Vaccine Development
> University of Maryland School of Medicine
> ph: 410-706 2493
> fax: 410-706 6205

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