Supplier for secondary antibody goat anti-mouse

Harry J. Witchel Harry.Witchel at
Thu Feb 1 13:39:10 EST 1996

Felicitations molecular masters of the Fates --
	My friend Marcelo is having a high background problem with his primary 
expression screen which he suspects is due to his secondary antibody.  He is 
expressing in pSPORT and most colonies (bug library) have a fair bit of 
background.  When he does the westerns, he gets several bands (all faint) in 
the IPTG induced lane, but he expects only one band as the antibody is a 
monoclonal raised against a mammalian differentiated protein (normally 
expressed probably only in the cochlea).  He suspects that his secondary 
antibody (Sigma, goat anti-mouse affinity purified) may be picking up some of 
his bug proteins (he is running the secondary-only Westerns now).
	Assuming his secondary antibody is picking up bug stuff, which 
suppliers (UK or international) sell the really fine secondary antibodies. 
	Surf in peace

Harry.Witchel at Bristol.Ac.UK

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