purchasing power supply for sequencing

Alexander Kraev kraev at bc.biol.ethz.ch
Fri Feb 2 09:38:17 EST 1996

I had positive experience with two kinds of power supplies, neither of
which is on your list: Pharmacia's Macrodrive 5 and Stratagene's Feather
Volt 2000. The former have been working for 5 years without problems,
until someone tried to blot a gel with it - and then it broke, was
repaired after a month and we have never tried to blot with it after 
The other one I also praise for its tolerance to abuse and an incredibly
small size and weight. It actually makes more sense to have two such
small devices running independently, than hook two gels on one.
I believe that using these power supplies at maximum current/ very low
voltage somehow increases a chance of an internal failure. Just for
what reason do you need a one-for-all power supply?

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