Gel analysis using the GelCompar program

Mario Vaneechoutte Mario.Vaneechoutte at
Fri Feb 2 02:23:56 EST 1996

Roland Koelliker <koelliker at> wrote:
>Is anybody familiar with the GelCompar program of Applied Maths in Belgium
>and can give me some assistance?
>Thank you for your help!
>Roland Koelliker	                  
>Swiss Fed Inst Technol               
>Plant Sciences                              
>ETH-Zentrum, LFW-C47         
>CH-8092 Zurich                          
>Tel ++41-1-632 4890
>Fax ++41-1-632 1153
>e-mail: koelliker at

Luc and Paul Vauterin are the guys who wrote the program. You can 
contact them at Luc.Vauterin at We compared five software 
programs for pattern analysis and found this the best. It is widely used 
in Europe now.

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