Glycerol inhibition of PCR?

Elliott Dawson bvepd at Telalink.Net
Fri Feb 2 18:32:38 EST 1996

We too have found that glycerol can enhance some PCR reactions and the 
combo with dye is certainly convenient.  However,there are certain caveats 
with respect to its use.  
1.  We generally titrate glycerol over a range of 1-10%
2.  We have found that in some cases %'s lower than 10 are best, i.e. 2%
3.  In other cases we find that glycerol is of no benefit and is detrimental
4.  Glycerol is subject to oxidative degradation and we store our 50% stock 
at -20C.
5.  Glcerol may or may not be benificial depending on primer design, target 
complexity, type of polymerase buffer, volume, etc.
6.  If you are still in need of a cosolvent then try DDMSO over the range of 

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