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> i need an antibody to chloramphenicol acetyltransferase, to look at the
> spatial distribution pattern of my reporter gene expression in the
> context of a whole mount embryo.  but i'm having trouble finding a
> commercial source.
> so far i've looked at biodesign, santa cruz, the binding site, and
> sigma.  no luck.  does anyone have any other ideas?  if you could, please
> email any response, 'cause i don't get on the usenet too often.  thanks,
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Hi Geoff,

The best source of CAT antibody I've found is from 5'-3' in Boulder, CO.,
catalogue # 7-310127. It works pretty well on fixed, cultured primary
cells but seems to require a fairly robust promoter to see results. We
haven't tried it on sections but I suppose that the above caveat applies
even more. Hope this helps and happy staining!

sscherer at

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