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-->           *** SENSE vs. ANTI-SENSE DNA CALL FOR VOTES ***
-->                      DEADLINE 16 February 1996

-->When referring to DNA, the terms should be `Transcribed Strand' (the
-->anti-parallel complementary strand to the mRNA) of a specific gene and
-->`Non-Transcribed Strand' (the strand with the same sequence as the mRNA) of a
-->specific gene.  These can be shortened to the T-strand of gene X and the
-->N-strand of gene X.  The T-strand of gene X could also be the N-strand of 
-->Y if X and Y are read from the same region of the DNA.  Since the gene is
-->defined, these terms can be used without confusion.
-->When referring to RNA, messenger RNA read from the T-strand should be
-->designated as sense RNA, and the anti-parallel complement to that message
-->designated as anti-sense RNA.

I've voted yes, but I still have hard time to believe that someone could ever
think anything different from the above. I always had it this way in my mind
(maybe because I don't do molbiol much :-))

- Dima

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