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Fri Feb 2 21:46:27 EST 1996

kalch (kalch at wrote:
: Hi,
: we are trying to "map" promoter elements from known DNA sequence.  
: However, we find that the DNA analysis programs we have in the lab 
: (MacVector and GeneWorks) are not suitable for this analysis.  Could 
: someone please post (or respond to me directly) where I can send (or 
: download) a program that will search for promoter elements (e.g. 
: Sp1, ERE, AP1, AP2, etc)?

Both Transfac subsets (The FACTORS and the SITES) are indexed and sercheable
on the EBI WWW site, using the SRS serach system. You can get to the searches
through the EBI home page at:

The whole database is available for anonymous ftp at:
under  /pub/databases/transfac

Hope this helps.

Good luck,

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