antisense delivery by liposomes

Iddo idoerg at
Sun Feb 4 11:47:54 EST 1996

Hello all,

I'm in the preliminary stages of setting up an assay which requires the 
delivery of phosphorothioated antisense-DNA (PS-DNA) to a primary cell-
clulture, using cationic liposomes. I'm currently using Lipofectamine
(a DOSPA/DOPE liposome, Life Technologies), with rather dubious results.
I've scanned Medline for info, some of it seems promising, but I would
like some "shortcut advice" from anyone on this newsgroup. Any help, 
including relevant references, good 'n tried protocols etc. will be

Email to me (idoerg at and/or post to this group.

Thanks in advance,

Iddo Friedberg

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