Electroporation of 3T3 fibroblasts

Christian Reiser christian.reiser at rzmail.uni-erlangen.de
Mon Feb 5 01:14:19 EST 1996

Hi Antonio,
I have the same problems with electroporation but I want to get 
antidodies into mammalian cells.
I fell with You !!
Few days ago I got an email from bio-rad at inlink.com (Michael Irwin). He 
told me 

 "You might try to see if any colleagues near you have built a particle
bombardment system, either gunpower or helium-pressure driven. This way,
it's neither chemical nor electrical transformation.

I'm a Bio-Rad Laboratories account manager here in the US. We have the
patent on a commercial machine called Biolistic. It has been a great
success with plant and neural tissues. You could see if any colleagues
have one of these as well. Perhaps call Bio-Rad Labs GmbH in Germany at
089 318 84-0 in Munchen for references to professors or literature
information. Good luck."

First I thought that he made a joke. But I had a phoe call with BioRad in 
Muenchen. This machine is reality!!
I don't know if cells look like a sieve after bombardment - but it is 
interseting. I think I will email Michael Irwin and ask him more about 
this gun.
Good luck!!

Uiversity Erlangen-Nuernberg, Nephrology

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