Nitrocellulose Phage Lifts-- Reprobing?

The Wagner Lab ewlab at
Mon Feb 5 16:57:32 EST 1996

"Michael W. Thompson" <MTHOM0 at POP.UKY.EDU> wrote:
>     I was wondering if anyone knew of a way in which to reprobe old 
>filter lifts that were used for genomic cloning?  I have about 40 old 
>phage lifts which we wish to try to strip and reprobe using a different 
>probe.  Is there a way to get rid of bound probe and background binding 
>without disturbing the bound phage?
Try stripping your filters in 6M Guanidine HCL.  It has worked well for 
me--no background problems, and only a slight decrease in sensitivity, 
but good enough!  Have fun.


				Matthew Petroski
				mdpetros at
			Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
			 University of California, Irvine

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