electroporation of mammalian cells

Dima Klenchin klenchin at macc.wisc.edu
Tue Feb 6 19:29:49 EST 1996

In article <31178508.56F at lovelace.infobiogen.fr>,
   Olivier Namy <namy at lovelace.infobiogen.fr> wrote:
-->I want to transfect by electroporation muscular cell line C2-7 with 
-->a vector with SV40 promotor and a LacZ gene as a reporter gene.
-->Do you know conditions to obtain stable transformants with an easily 
-->detectable beta-galactosidase activity?.

Dear Oliver, while I *do not* know the exact conditions, I have a copy
of my old post on the optimization of electroporation. It has become
FSA (frequently sent article). :-)) 

Email me if you are interested. 

-->I suppose that multiple tandem repeats are necessary accounting my 
-->last experiments??




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