Use of GeneScreen Plus for Southerns

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Tue Feb 6 08:42:40 EST 1996

>These seem to be the two favored nylon membranes for southerns
>and dot blotting DNAs. Anyone care to comment on background
>problems and "stripability" issues, particularly with Genescreen+?

>(I have no problems at all with MagnaGraph and Boehringer block
>in either terms, but am forced to check this out.)


>J. Graham 
>Biology Department 
>Washington University of St. Louis 

We routinely use GeneScreen Plus for maize RFLP studies without any 
problems with background or stripping signal from membranes.  GeneScreen Plus 
membranes are stripped using a 30 min 0.4 M NaOH treatment followed by a 30 
min neutralization step using 0.4 M Tris-HCl, 0.1 X SSC, and 0.1% SDS.  We 
have stripped and re-hybed GeneScreen Plus membranes ten or more times without 
background accumulation and minimal loss in signal.

Kevin Simcox
Ohio State Univ. - OARDC
simcox.3 at

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