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Thanx everybody for suggestions. Here's the summary:


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> Hi.
> Does somebody know what happens to the GFP if I chop off C-terminal say 30
> amino acids (BstBI site)? Will it still shine?
> Tomas Drgon
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From: Wei Hu <bz182 at>
Subject: Re: GFP

the answer is 'no' as i tried it.


From: Daniel Gonzalez <meton at>

Subject: GFP truncation at Bst BI site.


A truncation of 30 terminal AAs will not allow the protein to fold properly,
hence it will not "shine".  These are experiments our lab has done over 3
years ago and has not published, I hope that answers your question.

---Daniel Gonzalez

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Subject: Re: GFP truncation


Apparently you cannot shorten GFP significantly (1 residue at the amino-end 
and <10-15 at the carboxy-end, see reference below) and still have 

There is a newsgroup just about fluorescent proteins, especially GFP:
and there was a recent similar question and reply, which I've clipped in 

krasel at (Cornelius Krasel) wrote:
>Stefan Wieland (swieland at wrote:
>> We are looking for the shortest,but still functional GFP protein.
>> Does someone know, whether one can truncate GFP without loosing activity?
>Not much. Check out
>        author  = {Andrew B. Cubitt and Roger Heim and Stephen R. Adams
>                   and Aileen E. Boyd and Larry A. Gross and Roger Y. Tsien},
>        title   = {Understanding, improving and using green fluorescent
>                   proteins.},
>        journal = TIBS,
>        volume  = 20,
>        pages   = {448--455},
>        year    = 1995

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