protein-protein interaction and expression libraries.

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Wed Feb 7 03:58:50 EST 1996

Dear Joaquim,,
I dont know how many times it has been done, but that is how max (of
myc/max) was cloned a few back years. Check the name Elizabeth Blackwood,
published in Science a few years back, alternatively just do a lit. search
for max, as I guess almost all the papers that mention max, make some kind
of reference to this paper. 

(lmjakt at

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> Dear netters,
> Do you know how to isolate proteins that interact with another known protein?
> I've been trying the two hybrid system but it hasn't worked very well
> because the piece of my protein that I suspect contains the interaction
> domain also activates transcription. Now I would like to screen a
> expression library in order to find proteins that interact with my protein
> but I don't know any protocol or even if it has been successfully done by
> someone else!!.
> Any protocol or reference will be greatly appreciated.
> Yours,
> Joaquim Culi

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