Bad message with Ambion Message Machine

Alan Neely phyan at
Wed Feb 7 18:51:23 EST 1996

While most of the time I obtain high yield of a single length message
transcribed with Ambion Kit and then express functional protein in 
Xenopus oocytes some time I obtain a smear. This happen with certain 
clones and it is not due to RNAse contamination. We tried changing the
ratio cap/gtp, concentration of template and temperature. Absorvance 
reading show a ratio of 1.75 to 1.87 and yield in the 19 to 20 
micrograms... (The same clone transcribed with Promega give a clean
ban of the right size but the yield is to low and expression in oocytes

Any similar experiences and posible solutions ??

Alan Neely, Ph.D.  
Texas Tech U. Health Sciences Center
Lubbock TX, 79430

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