antisense delivery by liposomes

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> : Hello all,
> : I'm in the preliminary stages of setting up an assay which requires the 
> : delivery of phosphorothioated antisense-DNA (PS-DNA) to a primary cell-
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> AAAAaaaaaaarrrgggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!
> -Paul.

Paul and everyone,

   There is _NO_ way that the term "antisense DNA" will be eliminated, for
exactly the reason illustrated above. The use of antisense
oligodeoxynucleotides is extremely widespread, and the terminology makes
sense (pun accidental) in this context. This usage is also a major source
of the confusion that started the sense/antisense thread. I suggest that
the terms sense and antisense be restricted to single stranded nucleic
acids, with the mRNA serving as the definition of sense. 


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