Potato tuber RNA

Chi-Kuang Wen cwen at aux.btny.purdue.edu
Wed Feb 7 23:41:55 EST 1996

Oliver Politz <fysall at biobase.dk> wrote:
>I would greatly appreciate some information on RNA purification from 
>potato tuber, both concerning lab protocols or kit recommendations.
>Thanx a lot in advance!
>Stefan Bartling
>Carlsberg Laboratory
>Dep. of Physiology
>10 Gamle Carlsberg Vej
>2500 Copenhagen
>Fax +45/33 27 47 66
>email bartling at biobase.dk

There is apaper published on Analytical Biochemistry describing
RNA isolation from potato tubers and other plant tissues.  I 
could not remember the year of publication.  It used sodium 
acetate to wash the RNA/polysaccharides pellet and remove the
polysaccharides.  The results look great, but I could not 
succeed in using that protocol.  If you want to know the 
reference, I can find out for you.



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