John MacFarlane jmacfarl at
Thu Feb 8 09:19:15 EST 1996

I'm currently compiling a molecular biologist's TOP TIPS list for 
local publishing. The list is made up of short hints that people have 
found useful around the laboratory. I'm hoping to focus especially on 
odd-ball ideas (eg using everyday objects in a lab context), and am also 
interested in humourous suggestions (yes I have heard tell that some 
molecular biologists have a sense of humour).

TOP TIPS should be no longer than a couple of short sentences long. 

e-mail them DIRECTLY TO ME -not to this list. When I have a finished list 
I'll post it back here. Everyone who contributes will of course be 
gratefully and fully acknowledged.

Thanks in advance,

John MacFarlane.	PhD Student	Molecular genetics of X-linked

Dept. of Medicine,
University of Cambridge,
Cambridge, UK. 

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