DTT Stability

Frank R. Gorga gorga at next.duq.edu
Thu Feb 8 15:47:57 EST 1996

Friedemann Janus wrote:
> Hi,
> so, how stable is DTT in aequeous solutions ?
> Hours ? Days ?
> Any ideas ?
> Friedemann

I can't answer your question directly, but I can tell you how to find 

Oxidized DTT absorbs light at about 280 nm whereas the reduced form does 
not (see Cleland's original paper, Biochemistry (1964), vol 3, p480). 
Thus you should be able to moniter the oxidation directly in 'simple' 
solutions (i.e those that do not contain other things that absorb at 280 

The major factor (other than time and temperature) which should effect 
the stability of DTT is pH. The higher the pH the less stable DTT will be 
(thioate anions are generally more reactive that thiols).

I hope that this helps.  

-- F.R. Gorga

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