antisense delivery by liposomes

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> > > : Hello all,
> > > : I'm in the preliminary stages of setting up an assay which requires the 
> > > : delivery of phosphorothioated antisense-DNA (PS-DNA) to a primary cell-
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Realizing that I am one of the people opposed to the use of sense and
anti-sense for describing DNA (lets clarify that and say dsDNA especially
when refering to cistrons), I just want to say that this is the correct
use of the term.  Anti-sense DNA is that same as anti-sense RNA.  My
question is why modify it?  I thought the advantage of using anti-sense
DNA rather than anti-sense RNA is that it is more stable and doesn't need
to be modified to be effective.  The disadvantage is that the duplexes
formed are less stable than RNA:DNA duplexes.  Is this wrong?


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