bacterial housekeeping mRNA

Elliott Dawson bvepd at Telalink.Net
Thu Feb 8 19:51:42 EST 1996

The reference for my posting about general detection of bacteria in human 
fluid samples is:

Detection of Pseudomanas(Burkholderia) cepacia using PCR in Pediatric 
Pulmonology 20: 44-49 by Preston W. Campbell III et. al. (1995).  Although 
the article focuses on thye PCR of psedomonas, it also describes a primer 
set that is broadly applicable to the screening of bacteria.  The sequences 
of the primers utilized for general screening are:
Forward Primer (PSL in the paper) 5' AGG-ATT-AGA-TAC-CCT-GGT-AGT-CCA-3' AND
Reverse Primer (PSR in the paper) 5' ACT-TAA-CCC-AAC-ATC-TCA-CGA-CAC

Michael C. Gorry wrote:
> We are interested in testing human fluid samples for
> the presence of bacteria.  All we need for now is a
> yes or no answer.  Can anyone suggest a good mRNA
> that would be expressed at high levels in bacteria.
> We are looking for something that would be easy
> to amplify using PCR primers.  It is our hope to be
> able to detect as many bacterial infections with one
> amplification as possible.  I was hoping for some
> housekeeping gene suggestions before having to design
> the primers.

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