Can seq gel sit O/N before drying?

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Thu Feb 8 15:39:17 EST 1996

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> That's my question!  After running, is it ok for the power to go off &
> for the gel to sit overnight before fixing & staining?  Thanks!  Cindy at 

I assume you're asking about DNA sequencing gels -- TBE/urea/polyacrylamide.  

I have not seen any blurring or other problems in gels that I've had shut
off in the middle of the night.  However, I don't fix or stain.  My
sequencing rxns are radiolabelled so I trasfer the gel directly from the
glass plates to Whatman paper immediately after seperating the plates. 
Then I cover the gel with plastic wrap and vaccuum dry it for 30 min.
before autoradiography.  

My DNA seq. gels are 50% urea, 4 to 6 % acrylamide, 1x TBE.  

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