Oligo 4.0 sofware. Help

Ian A. Boussy iboussy at orion.it.luc.edu
Fri Feb 9 15:27:47 EST 1996

>Dear fellow netters, I badly need the oligo 4.0 manual.
>I would be very grateful if anyone could E-Mail or fax or
>express-mail a copy to me. Of course I would take all the expenses. >(I could send a check or do a wire tranfer)
>Thanks in advance.
>Giorgio Spagnol, MD
>Research Associate
>Institute of Neurology,
>Statal University, Milan,
>Via F. Sforza 35,  20122 Milan, Italy.
>Phone: 02-55190390 W, 02-6570326 H
>FAX:    02- 55190392
>E-MAIL: spagnol at galactica.it


You might try getting it from the source, i.e., the company that 
produced it:

National Biosciences Inc. (NBI)

Mea McCormick, Marketing Manager
3650 Annapolis Lane North, #140
Plymouth, MN 55447 
Phone: (800)747-4362
Phone: (612)550-2012
Fax: (800)369-5118  Fax: (612)550-9625

email:  nbi at natbio.com

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