Help! Reusing Qiagen-tip

Matthias Vogel Matthias.Vogel at
Fri Feb 9 12:33:50 EST 1996

Hello Morten!

I always reuse the Qiagen-Tips for a new batch of the SAME plasmid.
After elution equlibrate the column again with buffer QBT and seal 
the column with parafilm. Store it at 4 C. The yield of the following
purifications is about 80-90% of the first batch. I successfully 
reused the columns up to six times within half a year.

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>Hi folks!
>Sometime a go I read a lot of stuff about reusing Qiagen-tips!
>But I didn't care to make printouts of this since we didn't use Qiagen-tips!
>But of course we are now using them, so can any of U help me about this 
>little "problem"!


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