PCR from blood samples

John E. Stacy j.e.stacy at bio.uio.no
Fri Feb 9 07:39:58 EST 1996

In article <4e0rtb$9o8$1 at mhafc.production.compuserve.com>, Linda DiPersio <102045.1737 at CompuServe.COM> says:
>I want to do PCR from whole blood.  There are several kits 
>available for isolating genomic DNA from blood, but I was 
>wondering if anyone has a method to isolate small amounts of DNA 
>from finger-prick blood samples, (rather than having to draw 
>blood), since a small amount of DNA would be needed for PCR.  
>Does anyone have experience doing it that way?

Our lab has been testing a kit from Dynal called DNA DIRECT. 
This kit makes use magnetic beads to isolate PCR ready DNA from 
virtually any type of tissue. Our experience includes the 
successful application of DNA direct to several types of 
animal tissue, including fecal matter. We have also used DNA direct
on fungal, bacterial and algal samples.

John E. Stacy
Biological Institute
University of Oslo

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