Seeking strange nucleotides (isoCTP and isoGTP)

Pierce Chemical Co PierceChem at
Fri Feb 9 13:24:01 EST 1996

Hello!  I am looking for two "strange" nucleotides:  
2'deoxyisocytidine-5'triphosphate; and 2' deoxyisoguanosine-5' triphosphate (d-isoCTP 
and d-isoGTP).  Does anybody know where to find these?  

Also, does anybody sell the RNA versions (isocytidine-5'triphosphate and 

Finally, does anyone know of a company that sells other strange nucleotides, such as 
psoralen- or acridine-linked nucleotides?  

Thanks for your help!

Edward Beaty
Research Associate
Pierce Chemical Co

E-mail: PierceChem at

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