DTT Stability

Eddie Diehl diehl001 at mc.duke.edu
Sat Feb 10 11:13:18 EST 1996

In article <4fckhk$vv9 at taco.cc.ncsu.edu>, Susan Jane Hogarth
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> janus.friedemann at hamburg.netsurf.de (Friedemann Janus) wrote:
> >so, how stable is DTT in aequeous solutions ?
> >Hours ? Days ?
> Please POST on this subject as I am also interested (and prob others as well).
> Specifically, once DTT has been added at a low percentage to (for instance) an
> extraction buffer solution, will it stay "active" for a few weeks (temp?) or
> must you re-add it each time the solution is used as with mercaptoethanol?
> Thanks

I submit that you should treat DTT exactly as you do B-mercaptoethanol. 

Good luck!

Eddie Diehl
Duke University

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